Helpdesk for the Cooperative Housing Society

Lodha Foundation has started helpdesk for the Cooperative Housing Society. Lodha Foundation though its website aims to provide information that will be of help to the CHS to effectively functions. These matters relate to seeking deemed conveyance, addressing fire and security issues and undertaking various functions in the CHS.

The website aims to help the CHS identify their needs based on their size etc. and guides them to seek relevant services from different sources. The information provided has been collected from various sources and all efforts have been made to ensure that they are correct.

A. Societies can be classified as per categories for resource deployment as mentioned below.

Type No.1: Resident strength (no. of flats) 0 to 15 flats
  • Security Guard – 1no.
  • Garbage collection + cleaning of premises – 1no.
  • Pest control – once a week
  • Billing to be outsourced to CA / Accountant
  • Electrician, plumber, carpenter – On call basis
  • Gardner - 1no.( on call basis)

Type No.2: Resident Strength (no. of flats) 16 to 100 flats
  • Recruitment through Agency
  • Security
  • HK
  • MEP on call
  • Gardner (if required on call)
  • Pest Control - AMC
  • Property Managers / Supervisor to have good administrative skills
  • Billing A/C can be outsourced

Type No.3: Resident Strength (no. of flats); more than 150 flats
  • Deploy an IFM (Integrated Facility Management) type model where all services will be integrated by the outsource agency.
  • Security, HK, MEP technicians, Gardner, Garbage pickup,
  • Pest control , AMC`s for DG , Lift, STP, water bodies, spa ,club house including swimming pool all activities handled
  • Accounts, Notices, Collections – through software packets like Apna complex E-society, Smart Society, Apartment Adda.

B. Links below can help to complete solutions on Society which includes a software programme for sending notices, request for collection and receipts etc.
  1. Apna Complex https://www.apnacomplex.com/
  2. Apartment Adda: https://apartmentadda.com/home/index.php
  3. Smart Society: http://www.smartsociety.in/

C. Preparation of maintenance bill and collection of maintenance
  • The cost will include the following (In case of an Facility Managers from Apna Society, Smart Society etc. are hired then they shall calculate the same.)
    • Cost for services like housekeeping ,security , technical Supervisor, gardener
    • Waste Management like Garbage collection,
    • Landscaping and Horticulture : Gardner
    • Pest Control : Fogging treatment / larvae disinfection (if applicable)
    • Club house and Amenities (if applicable)
    • Maintenance of lifts , pumps, DG and their respective AMC
    • To be divided by the number of flats
    • Sqft basis is also calculated for cluster / large property.
  • The Collection is usually done by the Property Manager (PM) in case of cluster / large buildings and small building it is done by the treasurer along with the secretary.
    • The collection can be done monthly/quarterly/ half yearly and the same needs to be recorded in the committee meetings.
    • Receipt to be issued in the name of the housing society (revenue stamp and society rubber stamp to be attached).

D. Maintenance and review of security systems and fire systems
  • Ambulance Services contact numbers to be made available to all residents.
  • Fire Pumping system should be fully operational
  • Fire Alarm system, Fire extinguishers and Public Address (PA) system should be fully operational.
  • Fire emergency exits signage`s and assembly point should be identified.
  • Fire Emergency Exit Plan to be displaced at all floors
  • Fire Drills and training to be carried out every six months (Mandatory)
  • Security team should be well trained in fire fighting and emergency procedures.
  • Mr. Rajesh Shirke – Fire Auditor and trainer shall assist for a training and Fire Demo.
  • Mr. Rajesh G. Shirke
    Certified Safety Auditor & Trainer
    NSC (I), OHSAS & IOSH (UK)
    Office No – 230, Big Splash,
    Navi Mumbai – 400 703
    Tel. No.: 022 – 41239502 / 03
    Fax No. 022- 41239501
    Hand phone - +91 9833726056
    Web Site – www.milestonegrp.com

E. Annual events of society
  • Property Manager to organise for Festive celebrations for example Dusshera, Holi, Diwali, New Year and sports Events.
  • For building better relations with government officials suggest to invite Asst. Commissioner of Police, Ward Officer, and Society Register etc. to felicitate such function.

F. Long term planning of society improvement and yearly follow up
  • Sinking fund and Repair Fund to be collected for future maintenance of the building and procurement of new machinery.

G. Vendor list for ready contact
House keeping Agencies
  • D.K Hospitality – HK agency Contact Person Ms. Sukanya -9833060824 / 22 28574461
  • Right Resources C.C.S Pvt. Ltd.-HK agency Contact Person Mr. Dhruti - 9223104420
  • SRE Property & Facility Management Services Pvt Ltd – IFM Contact Person Mr. Hiral Bulsara 9821333440
  • Radiant Hospitality Services Pvt. Ltd. – HK agency Contact Person Mr. Luke 9967778056

Security Agencies
  • G4S Security Services – Security Agency – Contact Person – Mr. Waradkar - 8879775554
  • Bombay Intelligence Security – Security Agency- Contact Person- Mr. Pillai 9820860003
  • Frontline Guards Pvt. Ltd. Security agency- Contact Person – Mr. Yadav 9322158335

Water Tank Cleaner
  • W. Professional – Contact Person Mr. Ronald 9869067935 / 9920797935

MEP Services
  • Indian Eagle – MEP services – Contact Person Mr. Vilas Jadhav -9769081932
  • Logicon Facility Management Pvt. Ltd – Contact Person Mr. Rajesh – 8805001671/022 66303121
  • Shetty Infra Services Pvt Ltd – Contact Person – Mr. Rahul 9821828233

H. Conveyance
  • Conveyance is a document executed for transfer evidencing title of the land and building in favour of the Society.
  • In the First General Meeting, the Provisional Committee constituted by the Society, is authorised to secure the Conveyance of the right, title and interest in the property in the name of the Society from the Promoter/Builder.
  • The draft provided by the Builder / Developer and upon approval of the draft in the General Body meeting of the Society, the Committee can execute it and a resolution passed by the General Body of the Society authorising the Committee members to sign and execute the Deed of Conveyance on behalf of the society and to admit execution before the concerned Sub-Registrar of Assurances for the registration of Deed of Conveyance is required to be annexed to the Deed of Conveyance.

I. Deemed Conveyance
  • A Deemed Conveyance is a unilateral conveyance and amendments were carried out in the Maharashtra Ownership of Flats Act, 1963, to appoint a Competent Authority to hear the grievances on Conveyance by the Societies or other legal bodies in 2005.
  • For whatever reason if the Builder fails to execute the conveyance in favour of the society within the prescribed period, the members of the society may make application in writing to the concerned Competent Authority (District Deputy Registrar of Co-operative Societies) accompanied by required documents for issuing a certificate that such society is entitled to have an unilateral deemed conveyance, executed in their favour and to have it registered.
Procedure for Deemed Conveyance
  • Collect the relevant Documents -
    • From Society Records
      • Copy of Society Registration Certificate, List of Members & their Share Certificate Details, Copies of Registered Agreements (Chain of Registered Agreements in case of Re-Sale) for all Flats / Shops with Stamp Duty & Registration Receipts & Index II of all the Registered Agreements, Death Certificate of Land- Owners, wherever necessary, Title Devolution Statement of all the Flats/ Shops, Development Agreement/ Conveyance Agreement between Land- Owners & Developer etc.
    • From Land Revenue Records
      • 7/12 Extract, Village Form No.6, Property Card, City Survey Map, N. A Order, U. L. C Order, Latest Property Tax Paid Receipt, Latest N. A. Tax Paid Receipt
    • From BMC Records
      • Approved Plan, IOD, Commencement Certificate (CC), Building Completion Certificate, Occupation Certificate (OC), Latest Property Tax Paid Receipt, Location Map
    • From Architect and Advocates
      • Survey Report from an Architect, 30 Years Search Report & Title Certificate from an Advocate
  • Make an application before
    • An application has to be made before the Competent Authority i.e. the Dy. Registrar of the concerned ward, with a written submission. An advocate can be appointed by the society for getting deemed conveyance.
    • On receiving such application, the Dy. Registrar shall within reasonable period but in any case, not later than six months, after making necessary enquiry and verifying the documents submitted and conducting a hearing, issue a certificate to the Sub-Registrar of Assurances, certifying that it is a fit case for enforcing unilateral execution of conveyance deed conveying the right, title and interest of the promoter in the land and building in favour of the society as deemed conveyance.
    • When submissions are made by the Society or the Company or association or apartment owners to the Sub Registrar or the appropriate registering authority on the basis of the certificate issued by the competent authority along with the unilateral instrument of conveyance, shall notwithstanding anything contained in the Registration Act 1908 issue summons to the promoters as to why unilateral instrument should not be registered as deemed conveyance and after giving the promoter, a reasonable opportunity of being heard may on being satisfied that it is a fit case for unilateral conveyance, register instrument as deemed conveyance.
  • Prepare a Conveyance Deed
    • The society thereafter will have to submit the same before the Collector of Stamps for determining the payment of Stamp Duty along with the proof of payment of Stamp Duty by all individual flat purchasers including chain of Agreements and Registration Receipts. In case of deficit in Stamp Duty, if any; the same shall have to be paid and then obtain certified copy of the Conveyance Deed.
  • Submit before the Sub-Registrar
    • The society has to submit this certificate to the concerned Sub-Registrar of Assurances along with Conveyance Deed for registration of the same under Indian Registration Act, 1908 by paying necessary registration fees and all relevant annexure. The society has to obtain the original Conveyance Deed and also certified copy of Index II from the Sub-Registrar.
  • Apply to the City Survey Office
    • Thereafter the Society will have to apply to the City Survey or Talati Office to incorporate the name of the Society in the Property Card or in 7/12 extract. The City Survey Officer or the Talati Officer carries out the necessary enquiry; carries out the survey and then makes necessary changes in their record.
  • Apply to various government Authority
    • After obtaining the Deemed Conveyance, 7/12 extract, Property Card, the Society will have apply to the various government authorities for transfer of name in favour of the society.

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