Employment Linkage Programme

Employment linkage programme is helping the youths to prepare for interviews and seek suitable employment. The target beneficiaries of the programme are youths in the age group of 18 to 35 years. The programme is organised after selecting the youths desirable for the training and batches for trainings are formed. A comprehensive approach is adopted in training the participants where lecture are given by audio visual presentation on interview techniques, communication skills and CV/Resume writing. Mock interviews are also organised for building self confidence in the students to face and fair well in interviews. 12 programmes per month are conducted by professional team of 3 – 4 persons for 4 hour duration everyday for 4 days per day.

Reach: This programme improves the interview skills etc. of about 1000 youths every year.

Soft Toys and Imitation Jewellery Making Training

Vocational training programmes for women aims to promote employment opportunity for them. The programme provides training on making soft toys and imitation jewellery. The initiative targets women in age group of 18 to 45 years so as to make them self reliant through self employment by skill development. Each batch of selected women is trained for 1 month in the trade through a predesigned schedule. Every month 1 batch is trained in soft toy making and 2 batches are trained in imitation jewellery making. To ensure that the persons are trained in the trade to make good quality products that have high market value professional trainers are engaged to provide training. This programme is helping women earn money and support their families to lead a better quality life.

Reach: Every year 240 and 480 women are trained in soft toy and jewellery making respectively.

Computer & Mobile Repairing Training

Lodha Foundation runs 4 computer training centres that provide vocational training in computer hardware and mobile repairing. The aim of the programme is to generate self employment by giving skills to the individuals who can use it. These trades have been chosen keeping in view the demand for skilled persons with increase in use of computers and mobile phones every day. The participants of the programme are individuals in the age group of 18 to 45 years. The programme is of 1 month duration and has syllabus to impart the training by trained professionals. The centres train 2 batches per month in Computer Hardware and 2 batches per month in mobile repairing. The individuals who are trained have the opportunity to engage in self employment and increase their income.

Reach: The programme benefits 480 individuals every year in learning Computer & Mobile Repairing.

Beautician, Mehandi Designing Training

Lodha Foundation is running 2 Beautician & Mehandi (decoration in hand) Designing Training centres for women to impart skills that can help them earn a living. The initiative targets women in age group of 18 to 45 years so as to make them self reliant through imparting skills. Each batch of selected women is trained for 1 month through a predesigned schedule. 20 participants are trained every month in each training centre. To ensure that the persons are trained properly and have good demand when they start up on their own professional trainers are engaged to provide high quality training. The programme is helping women earn money by starting a full time or part time work and support their families financially.

Reach: Every year 400 women are trained in Beautician and Mehandi Designing course.

Self Help Group

Self-Help Groups been formed by mobilizing women with a purpose of inculcating a habit of savings for use in time of need. Besides opportunities are also explored to engage them in work that help them financially. These groups besides undertaking regular savings of Rs. 100 to Rs. 200 per month are involved in various social initiatives for betterment of society. Some of the groups undertake a range of business activities which have been made available to them by the foundation’s initiative of getting them work from various industries. This job is executed up by the group in their own community as the raw materials are provided to them by the industrialists at their door steps. There is also plan to help the groups seek loan for business from government in near future.

Reach: The programme covers over 2,000 women from 212 self help groups.

Grain support

Lodha Foundation supports women especially widows and destitute aged between 45 – 65 years having no family support or source of income. A monthly ration comprising of 10 kg wheat, 4 kg rice, 1 ½ kg pulses, 2 litres edible oil, 250 grams tea powder, 2 kg sugar, 1 kg salt is provided to these women for a period of 3 years. To ensure that the benefits continue to reach the neediest an assessment is done to evaluate the financial status of these women. Those have improved their financial status due to some other source of income are exited from the programme to include about 100 new persons every year. This support is proving to be boon for such women and helping to reduce the stress and struggle to seek two square meals in their life.

Reach: The programme benefits 300 women every year for a period of 3 years.